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Doctor’s Hospital Tumor Board Meeting

A very important and mandatory part of cancer care is to form a multidisciplinary team (Tumor Board) in which a number of doctors who are experts in different specialties (disciplines) review and discuss the medical condition and treatment options of a patient and generate a treatment plan. A tumor board includes a medical oncologist, a surgical oncologist, a radiation oncologist, a radiologist and a pathologist.

There is strong evidence to show that MDTs improve patient outcomes. They are responsible for changing management plans of various patients. They have become a standard of care for management of cancer patients in all international cancer centers.

Unfortunately, only one dedicated cancer hospital exists in Pakistan and is unable to cover the burden of cancer in our country. While a few more cancer hospitals are underway they are in no way capable of handling all the cancer patients. As a result the responsibility of care of cancer patients has fallen on the shoulders of physicians and surgeons who are not trained to take care of such patients. While these physicians and surgeons are trained adequately in their own fields; there experience in the care of cancer patients is lacking.

At Doctor’s hospital we have developed a state of the art center for care of cancer patients. We have introduced a Tumor Board Meeting to provide guidance to physicians and surgeons to better manage their patients with cancer. We have formulated a team of experts adequately trained in management of cancers of different areas. Any case presented to board will be thoroughly studied and a proper management plan will be advised. The service can be used by any patient or doctor. The real purpose of the tumor board is to provide optimal treatment plan for the patient while simultaneously increase awareness about the proper care of these patients amongst the physicians and surgeons in general.

With this tumor board we aim to help standardize the care of cancer patients in the country and we hope that every cancer patient in the country goes through the process of discussion in a tumor board meeting to be better managed and treated.

How will the Tumor Board at Doctor’s Hospital Work?
Any person (physician, surgeon or patient) who wants their case to be discussed in the MDT will get an appointment and drop all their relevant investigations at our office. The board meets once every two weeks (We plan to make it a weekly activity as the no of cases increase). The case will be presented and discussed in the board meeting and a management plan will be generated. The plan will be handed over to the patient and if needed a repeat appointment with any missing investigations will be given.

What specialties are covered in the Tumor Board?
Currently we are offering our services for all GI malignancies (Colorectal, Stomach, Esophagus, Liver and pancreas), Breast, Endocrine (thyroid, parathyroid, adrenals), Gynecological and hematological malignancies.

Which doctors will be looking after the tumor board (MEMBERS OF THE TUMOR BOARD)?
We have a specialized team of experts who have been adequately trained to deal with all kinds of cancer patients. Our team includes experts form the following departments:

Dr Muhammad Arif is head of Medical Oncology and Hematology at Doctors Hospital, Lahore Dr Arif did his postgraduate training in USA. He did his Internal medicine training from Harlem Hospital, Columbia University, NY, USA. He then proceeded to do further specialization in Cancer and blood diseases. He did his Oncology and Hematology Training and Fellowship from Bay state Medical Center western Campus of Tufts University Massachusetts, USA.

Our surgical team comprises of Dr. Ali Akbar and Dr Awais Amjad Malik. Dr. Ali received his training as a surgical oncologist from Shaukat Khanum Hospital and is currently working as an assistant professor surgery at Mayo Hospital Lahore. Dr. Awais has just completed his training as a surgical oncologist from Shaukat Khanum Hospital. Dr Ali and Dr Awais work as a team and provide services in the treatment of colorectal cancers, upper GI cancers (stomach, esophagus), breast cancer, endocrine cancers (thyroid, parathyroid, adrenals) and gynecological cancers (ovarian and uterine).

DHMC has the best radiological facilities in town. Headed by Dr Javaid Asghar, the department offers digital X rays, digital ultrasounds, 64 slice CT and a 1.5 T MRI. Department of radiology also offers all kinds of Interventional Radiology procedures.

Under the leadership of Dr Zahid Asghar; the pathology department at DHCM offers all the possible diagnostic tests for its patients including cytopathology, histopathology, immunohistochemistry and frozen sections.

For further information contact:
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Dr. Awais 03018401841

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