Emergency Care

Introduction section

  • Emergencies Don’t Wait, Neither Do We: 24/7 Swift Ambulance Response
  • Consultant covered Emergency: Your Ever-Present Wellbeing Team
  • Pioneering lifesaving interventions: advancing to fuel optimal well-being.

Immediate Medical Attention Needed!

  • Severe chest pain,
  • Difficulty Breathing,
  • Uncontrollable Bleeding,
  •  Sudden Numbness/Weakness.
  • Don’t wait, call 1122 or Hospital Helpline NOW
    • Doctors Hospital Contact: 92-42-35302701-14 (14 lines)
    • For emergencies please use extension:271 or 271 to be connected directly to the emergency department.

Our services

  1. General Surgery emergency care

    Our distinguished surgical team stands ready 24/7, expertly addressing both emergency situations and intricate surgical complexities with meticulous precision, swift action, and minimally invasive approaches.

  2. Cardiology emergency care

    Our dedicated Cardiology ER team stands 24/7, expertly addressing acute events, irregular rhythms, and thoracic concerns with meticulous precision and rapid response.

  3. Neurology emergency care

    Seconds count, brains matter. Doctors Hospital’s Neuro ER, equipped with expertise and tech, tackles strokes, seizures, and head injuries with unwavering precision. Trust your brain to champions of swift action and hopeful recovery.

  4. Pulmonary Medicine emergency care

    When lungs struggle, our Pulmonary ER leaps to action. 24/7, our team masters every breath crisis – asthma attacks, pneumonia, COPD flare-ups – with speed, empathy, and advanced technology, seamlessly optimizing oxygenation for renewed hope

  5. Gastroenterology emergency care

    Armed with advanced tools and unwavering resolve, our specialists meticulously address acute concerns like pain, distress, and functional decline, delivering healing solutions and igniting hope for optimal gut health

  6. Orthopedics emergency care

    Accidents happen. Our experts tackle every bone woe with precision and speed. From dislocated joints to fractured limbs, we mend worries alongside bones, paving the path to a pain-free future.

  7. Urology emergency care

    From searing pain to blocked flow, Doctors Hospital’s Urology ER stands guard. Be it kidney stones, infections, or bladder woes, we diagnose swiftly, intervene effectively, and prioritize your comfort every step of the way.

  8. Gynecology and Obstetrics emergency care

    Precious moments, unexpected turns. Doctors Hospital’s Gynecology and Obstetrics ER stands firm. Compassionate expertise tackles pregnancy emergencies, from bleeding to complications. Swift diagnoses, effective interventions, prioritizing both mother and child.

  9. Psychiatry emergency care

    Compassionate experts navigate mental health crises – suicidal thoughts, anxiety – with judgment-free listening, precise diagnoses, and immediate care. Choose Doctors Hospital, where hope reclaims your mind.

Meet our doctors

  1. Dr. Khalid Abeer emergency director general
  2. Dr. Azme Hussain Shah Consultant Urologist
  3. Dr. Fawad Shahzad Warraich Consultant Diabetologist
  4. Dr. Muhammad Salman Rehman Consultant Nephrologist
  5. Dr. A. Attiq Durani Consultant Orthopedic Surgery

Navigating the ED: What to Expect

  1. Arrival: Register with your NIC and explain your main concern. A nurse will assess your vitals and assign a priority level based on your condition.
  2. Waiting: Depending on your level, you’ll wait in the main area or a dedicated space. Gather any relevant medical records or information.
  3. Assessment: A doctor will take your medical history and may perform an exam or order tests.
  4. Treatment: You may receive medications, fluids, pain relief, or other interventions.
  5. Next Steps: Your doctor will discuss your plan for recovery at home or further care in the hospital.

Remember: Be patient, ask questions, and trust the healthcare team. They’re there to help you get better.

Our patient Stories

Overall Services and nursing care is exceptional. I was relived with the ER staff promptness and responsible attitude. Thanks for handling my wife with care and treating her so well”

Husband, Mrs Muqadas

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