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mother and child health care services at Doctors Hospital and Medical Centre
Mother and child health care is a comprehensive range of medical services for maternal and her child. These services aim to improve patient outcomes with a reduction in death toll and illness. Unfortunately, Pakistan tops the list in the Eastern Mediterranean region when it comes...
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Pneumonia Symptoms in Children
Pneumonia is a deadly infection for children, especially the newly born and those under the age of five, throughout the globe. It is also a leading cause of death for minors in Pakistan, where one-fifth of the population falls into this early-age group. It is...
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How to protect your lungs from smog?
Smog is a serious issue of environmental pollution. The major cities of Pakistan have been facing the presence of smog and its adverse health effects for the last many years. Respiratory issues are the major outcome of smog. Doctors Hospital and Medical Centre (DHMC) provides...
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How to Control Diabetes?
Diabetes is a severe body disorder that is irreversible. Yet, it is manageable, and effective management is the key to a healthy, happy, and prosperous life as a patient with diabetes. In this article, we will share the possible complications of diabetics and how to...
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Type 2 Diabetes Treatment
Type 2 diabetes is the most common type of diabetes. Around the globe, there are more than half a billion people, ranging from all ages to all genders, who are suffering from diabetes. Furthermore, it stands in the top 10 reasons for most comprehensive disability...
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