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Medical specialties at Doctors Hospital cover a wide range of health dimensions. Our many doctors and their teams practice medicine in different specialties & subspecialties like cardiology, spine & orthopedics, cancer, to endocrinology.

We offer the services of nationally recognized experts that treat from the run-of-the-mill disease to medically complex patients. Each patient receives care from a team of expert doctors, nurses, therapists, and care coordinators so that they can get well with ease and comfort. Here are some of the leading medical specialties offered at Doctors Hospital & Medical Centre.

Emergency Care

Immediate Emergency Medical Treatment

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Safe and Painless Procedures

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Holistic Skin Health Treatment

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Advanced Heart Disease Treatment

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Infectious Disease & Critical Care

Effective Life-Threatening Illness Management

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Interventional Radiology

Advanced Minimally-Invasive Procedures

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Comprehensive Nervous System Disorders Treatment

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Targeted Physical Rehabilitation Treatment

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Sophisticated Hearing Loss Management

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Clinical Hematology

Thorough Blood Disorders Treatment

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Diabetes & Endocrinology

Comprehensive Hormonal Imbalance Management and Treatment

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Complete Digestive System Disorders Treatment

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Internal Medicine

Comprehensive Non-Surgical Medical Treatment

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Medical Oncology

Advanced Cancer Treatment Management

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Personalized Mental Health Treatment

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Comprehensive Joint and Connective Tissue Disorders Treatment

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Clinical Nutrition

Tailored Dietary and Nutritional Management

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Comprehensive Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

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Interventional Pain Management

Complete Chronic Pain Treatment

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Thorough Kidney Disease Management

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Comprehensive Child Health Care

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Inclusive Behavioral and Mental Health Treatment

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Speech Therapy

Specialized Speech and Language Disorders Management

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Comprehensive Lung and Respiratory System Disorders Treatment

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Medical Specialities & Sub-Specialties Offered

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