Chairman Message


Every day at Doctors Hospital & Medical Centre, Lahore begins with a passionate commitment to enrich and preserve the quality of life for you and your loved ones. We believe in working as a whole realizing that there is a huge burden of disease and a lot more work is needed to be done in this regard. Our values are strengthened by some exceptional practices that give us firm ground to achieve better health outcomes for patients.

Our stellar team of physicians, residents, fellows, nurses, pharmacists, and support staff work selflessly and tirelessly to create an environment that constantly improves healthcare quality, nurtures the sick, heals, and provides exceptional patient care.  We, at Doctors Hospital, have created spaces that are inspiring and healing by adopting a more patient-centric approach along with balancing the technical needs of doctors and staff, with the comfort of patients as our utmost priority. The hospital management lets innovation set in by doing away with the old-school mentality of ‘I’ve done this before and I want to do it again the same way!’

DHMC’s strength lies in the joint efforts put in by our motivated clinical teams, skilled nonclinical staff, and most importantly our determined management and visionary business partners. Your trust empowers us to do our utmost in treating your family with dignity, skill, and kindness. That’s important to the hospital management as it is our mission to bring relief and pleasure to the people who are having a hard time. The hospital has covered many paces to build a vigorous healthcare model, rising above the traditional boundaries to enable patients to get advanced medical care in an innovative atmosphere.

We look forward to bolstering our efforts to achieve further excellence in healthcare with determination to ensure that you are cared for, treated, and able to enjoy a life full of quality and health.

We at Doctors Hospital Lahore, CARE for all.


Mian Amer Mahmood
Chairman of the Board
Doctors Hospital & Medical Center