Kidney Transplant

Doctors hospital and medical center now providing regular services of urology and kidney transplant with dedicated, highly qualified and experienced surgical and nephrological team. So far our team has performed several successful kidney transplant and other urological procedure under supervision of prof. Dr. Hafiz Shahzad Ashraf.

Our medical team consists of Transplant Surgeons, Intensivists, Critical Care Specialists, Transplant Coordinators, Immunologists, Pathologists, and counselors who collaborate to deliver exceptional care to patients.


State of the Art renal services and facilitates includes:

  • 24 hour emergency cover
  • Modern and fully equipped operation theater and ICU
  • Highly skilled and properly trained nursing staff
  • Smooth process of registration through PHOTA


Counseling support and help for the process of approval of the case from PHOTA


By providing comprehensive facilities and medical technology, along with highly experienced doctors, bring about the doctors hospital Advantage: Dedicated operating theatres, advance blood bank facilities, pathology & laboratory services, diagnostic radiology facilities (1.5 Tesla MR machines=2, 64 slice CT scanner=1, 128 slice CT scanner=1, nuclear medicines studies, high-end ultrasound facilities), and post-operative care facilities under one roof.


Professor Dr. Hafiz Shahzad Ashraf

Kidney Transplant - Urology

Kidney Transplant Surgeon

    Dr. Azme Hussain Shah

    Kidney Transplant - Urology

    Urologist & Kidney Surgeon

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