Dr. Ayesha S.Khan

Dr. Ayesha S.Khan

Advance diploma in clinical nutrition, CHE, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan. 1999-2000

Clinical Nutrition

Dr. Ayesha S.Khan is Clinical Nutritionist at Doctors Hospital.



  • Advance diploma in clinical nutrition, CHE,Punjab university,Lahore,Pakistan. 1999-2000
  • Sc nutrition, CHE, Punjab university,Lahore,Pakistan. 1994-1996
  • Clinical nutritionist, Doctors hospital & medical center, Lahore,Pakistan. Apr 2001-to date
  • Resource person speaker for focus groups sessions. 2003-to date
  • Taught nutrition to O-Levels students at Lahore grammar school,Lahore,Pakistan.2001-2002
  • Research associate with CRDC (research organization)
  • Research paper on aflatoxins in foods
  • Survey on dietary practices of people in coherence with their blood biochemistry of walled city of Lahore
  • Significance of SRM for primary school students in the school of Punjab
  • Presented paper on Disaster management related to food and water borne disease in international conference
  • Presented paper in international conference at Dubai