About Dr. Abdul Wahab

Dr. Abdul Wahab is a Liver Transplant Surgeon at Doctors Hospital.

Education & degrees

  • Fellow in liver transplant surgery(Chang chung memorial hospital,Kaohsiung,Taiwan)2010-2011
  • Fellowship in liver transplant surgery(Apollo hospital, New Dehli,India)Dec 2011
  • Clinical observer ship in liver transplant & HPB surgery(Kings college hospital,London,UK) Jun 2014
  • FCPS-General surgery(College of physicians & surgeons,Pakistan) 2009
  • MBBS(Quaid e Azam medical college, Bahawalpur,Pakistan) 2004



  • Consultant liver transplant and HPB surgery, Shifa international hospital ltd, Islamabad,Pakistan.1-3-2014 to date
  • Assistant consultant liver transplant and HPB surgery, Shifa international hospital ltd,Islamabad,Pakistan. 10-1-2012 To 28-2-2014
  • Senior registrar in liver transplant surgery,Pakistan institute of medical sciences,Islamabad,Pakistan. 6-6-2011 To 9-1-2012
  • Fellow, liver transplant surgery, Chang chung memorial hospital, Kaohsiung,Taiwan.2010-2011



Dr. Abdul Wahab

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