Clinical Nutrition

This specialized nutrition care department in Doctors Hospital and Medical Center offers nutrition care counseling to the patients in the best possible way by the experienced Clinical Nutritionist Ms. Ayesha khan whose expertise has a foundation on trustworthy, science based nutritional information as well as vast experience in the pertinent field. The approach is holistic and personalized, catering to the individualized needs of the patient and the goal is to promote individualized medical nutrition therapy in a multidisciplinary approach as a means to optimize patient care.


Scope of Clinical Nutrition offered here covers the following areas:


  • Weight management
  • Cardio vascular problems
  • Neurological disorder
  • Renal disorder
  • Disorders of Gastrointestinal
  • Liver disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Diet in various metabolic disorders
  • Enteral and parenteral nutrition
  • Healthy nutritional counseling for normal individuals through different life cycles.


We see the dignity of each patient along with their unique nutritional needs hence they are counseled that way. Our qualified and eminent dietitian provides outpatient services in her clinic Monday to Saturday. Inpatient services on referrals are also available to the patients who are hospitalized by our qualified clinical nutritionist.


Dr. Ayesha S.Khan

Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutritionist

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