Cancer Center

At Doctors Hospital we recognize and understand that cancer treatment is not only a medical procedure but also one that requires support, comfort, and at times the help of specialist counselling. We provide full range of Medical Oncology and Clinical Hematology services for adults and children. Our consultants are American Trained and certified Medical Oncologist and Clinical Hematologist for both adults and children. They have vast experience in diagnosing and treating cancers and blood disorders.

Surgical Oncology   Cancer Board Meeting
Doctors Hospital inaugurated its new purpose-built Cancer Center in November 2014. Our Cancer Center is a state-of-the-art facility with 14 infusion suites for chemotherapy. Each suite is private, safe and comfortable. In each suite or cabin there is a comfortable bed or special chemotherapy administration chair, television, and all medical equipment required for safe and comfortable administration of chemotherapy. Our staff is fully trained in the preparation and administration of chemotherapy. We have chemotherapy trained nurses and pharmacist.


Our chemotherapy is prepared in specially built biologically safe drug preparation hood as per international safety standards. This not only ensures that the patients receive chemo in a safe manner but also that they receive the exact amount of chemotherapy as per international Cancer treatment guidelines like NCCN / ESMO GUIDELINES.

We provide the following services at Doctors Hospital Cancer Center:

  1. Diagnosis and treatment of all cancers such as Lung, Colon, Breast, Ovary, Uterus, Cervix, Brain, Bones, Kidney cancer, Sarcomas, Lymphomas, Myeloma, Leukemia among others.
  2. Diagnosis and treatment of LOW Blood counts like low red bloods ,white cells or platelets
  3. Diagnosis and Treatment of HIGH Blood counts like high HB, High WBC or high Platelets
  4. Diagnosis and Treatment of Blood clotting disorders
  5. Diagnosis and Treatment of Bleeding Disorders
  6. Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy and Biological Therapy
  7. Treatment of Cancer related Symptoms (Palliative care)
  8. Treatment of Cancer related Pain
  9. Transfusion support services
  10. 24/7 around the clock Phone help for patients.
  11. Cancer Screening services to diagnose and treat cancer before the Symptoms arise.
  12. Pre and post treatment counselling.

We are proud to announce that we are working on stem cell transplant in near future.



Dr. Awais Amjad Malik

Surgical Oncology - Cancer Center

Consultant Surgical Oncologist


    Dr. Ali Akbar

    Surgical Oncology - Cancer Center

    Consultant Surgical Oncologist

      Dr Muhammad Arif

      Dr Muhammad Arif

      Hematology & Oncology - Cancer Center

      Hematologist and Oncologist

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