Dr Muhammad Numair Younis

Dr Muhammad Numair Younis

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine

Dr Muhammad Numair Younis is a Visiting Nuclear Medicine Consultant at Doctors hospital Lahore.



  • M.B.B.S-  King Edward Med. College, Lahore, Pakistan
  • M.Sc. (Nuclear Medicine)- PIEAS, Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad, Pakistan
  • European Board of Nuclear Medicine-EBNM- Nuclear Medicine Board section of European Union of Medical Specialists- UEMS
  • Nuclear Medicine Fellow- SNUH, Seoul, S.Korea- 2003 & 2012
  • Nuclear Medicine Fellow- Maggiore Hospital, Bologna, Italy-2007
  • Trainee Nuclear Medicine- INMOL Hospital, Lahore-2000
  • Trainee Nuclear Medicine- Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital, Lahore-1999
  • Fellow of MSc (Nuclear Medicine) PIEAS, Quaid-e-Azam University- Islamabad, Pakistan-1998
  • Gallium-67 uptake in histological variants of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma : a correlative study, Open Nucl Med J, Vol. 4, (2012), p.1-4
  • Development, labeling and clinical evaluation of Tc-99m Ciprofloxacin in diagnosis of orthopedic infections: Comparative study with Tc-99m Methylene diphosphonate (Tc-99m MDP) Scintigraphy’: Pharma Chem March 2007.
  • Cervical Cancer: Outcome of Treatment and Causes of Failure” JPMA 56:436;2006.
  • Treatment of Thyrotoxicosis with Radioactive Iodine Recommendations of the Consensus Group on Nuclear Medicine Protocols (Pakistan)” World Journal of Nuclear Medicine, Volume 5, Number 4, October 2006
  • Role of color Doppler ultrasonography in further characterization of thyroid nodules” World Journal of Nuclear Medicine Volume 5, Supplement 1, October 2006
  • Formulation of I-131 Labeled Lipiodol as in house procedure; Technical Aspects”. World Journal of Nuclear Medicine Volume 5, Supplement 1, October 2006
  • Co-authored protocol manual of Nuclear Medicine procedures under supervision of Director INMOL. The title of the Nuclear Medicine Protocol Manual is “A Comprehensive Guide to Nuclear Medicine Procedures” Published by INMOL in 2006.
  • Pretherapy Gallium-67 Scanning in Paediatric Patients with Hodgkin’s Disease” Medical Principles and Practice 2004;13:74-77 (DOI: 10.1159/000075632)
  • Co-author in protocol manual of clinical oncology procedures titled “ Clinical Oncology Protocol Book” published by INMOL in 2004
  • Effect of Pregnancy on Thyroid Profile; Reference Ranges” Pakistan Journal of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Vol 36 No.2. 2004
  •  Prediction Of Response To Chemotherapy In Locally Advanced Breast Cancer Patients Using Tc-99m Mibi Scintimammography” ALASBIMN JOURNAL 2002 Year 5, N°17
  • Post Therapy Evaluation of Hodgkin’s Disease Patients Using Gallium-67 Scintigraphy” J of FJMC, April-June, 2000.
  • Nuclear Medicine Section at Doctors Hospital, Lahore provides Diagnostic and Therapeutic services utilizing radioactive materials called radiopharmaceuticals.      Use of radiopharmaceuticals is authorized by PNRA, national regulatory body, in accordance with strict international standards for safe use of these radiopharmaceuticals in medicine. Department was established in 2002 and has been offering services for almost two decades.After administration of radiopharmaceutical, patient undergoing a scan is a source of radiation for a short duration. Images are then acquired using double head Gamma Camera, highly sophisticated machine. Planar and SPECT scanning is done according to the body part being imaged. Patient is then allowed to leave the department after confirming optimum quality scans.
  • Nuclear Cardiology:
    • Myocardial perfusion SPECT (Thallium / Tc-99m MIBI Cardiac stress scan)
    • Viability Cardiac Scan
    • MUGA

    Genitourinary System:

    • Dynamic renal imaging (DTPA, MAG3)
    • DMSA
    • Captopril studies
    • Renal Transplant Evaluation
    • Nuclear cystography
    • Testicular imaging

    Nuclear Oncology:

    • Bone Whole Body Scan
    • Octreotide (somatostatin receptor studies)
    • Sentinel lymph node
    • Scintimammography
    • Gallium-67 (lymphoma, infection)
    • MIBG [neuroendocrine tumour]

    Musculoskeletal imaging:

    • Bone scan, whole body/ SPECT/ 3 Phase
    • Bone Marrow colloid scans
    • Lymphoscintigraphy Limbs

    Gastrointestinal Imaging:

    • Gastric emptying
    • Gastrointestinal Bleed Localization scan (Tagged RBC Scan)
    • Meckel’s Scan
    • Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Scan
    • Salivary Glands Scan

    Hepatobiliary Imaging:

    • HIDA (Hepatobiliary)
    • Liver-Spleen colloid imaging
    • RBC Liver SPECT for hemangioma

    Pulmonary Imaging:

    • V/Q scans for PE / Function Evaluation

    Endocrine Imaging:

    • Thyroid and Uptake scan
    • Parathyroid SPECT scan
    • Adrenal imaging

    Neurological Imaging:

    • Brain HMPAO SPECT

    Therapeutic Nuclear Medicine

    • Radioactive iodine (I131) therapy for benign and malignant thyroid disease
    • Palliative treatment for metastatic bone pain with P-32, Sr-89, Sm153, Lu-177